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DIY Steps to Install and Activate Windows 8.1 Preview Version

By Nidhi ,Monday, July 22nd, 2013

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If you have tried out the Windows 8 version and seem pretty impressed with its enhanced features and tools, wait till you have explored the advantages of Windows 8.1. Hang on, we aren’t announcing the release date yet, we know it isn’t going to hit the stores before fall; however, to keep you and most Windows 8 users (advanced users) engaged and excited, Microsoft has launched the Windows 8.1 Preview version that is ready to be explored!

Windows 8.1 Preview

Good news isn’t it? What is even better is that here we are telling you exactly what you could do to activate Windows 8.1 on your PC. Read the DIY steps below and get started right away…

Before you install and set-up the preview version, here is what you should know:

  • With Windows 8.1 preview version, you get to use the Start button, conveniently located on the desktop taskbar.
  • You can download the preview version from the Windows Store or use the ISO file to install it.
  • You can set-up the Windows 8.1 preview version on your main PC or on a virtual machine.
  • If you want to go back to Windows 8 after installing Windows 8.1 Preview version, you will have to uninstall it completely and then restore your Windows 8 settings to its original factory default settings. Therefore, all your special preferences will be lost; you will need reformatting them.
  • Even after you have successfully installed the preview version on your PC, you may have to reinstall the apps when the final Windows 8.1 is released, later this year, to be able to enjoy the complete functionalities and features.

Here is how you can download and install Windows 8.1 preview version on your Windows 8 PC:

From the Windows Store

  • Visit the Windows 8.1 Preview page on your Windows 8 machine
  • Click on the ‘Get it Now’ link to install the update that will allow you to access Windows 8.1 Preview
  • Restart your Windows 8 device and once it boots up, click on the ‘Go to Store’ option
  • In the Windows Store page, click on the ‘Download’ button to initiate the process
  • Once the download is complete, you will have to sign in with a Microsoft Account to be able to use the cloud capabilities

From an ISO file

  • Back up all your data and valuable information
  • Download the .ISO file from the Microsoft official website
  • Double-click on the file for the set-up to run (.exe file)
  • This will begin the installation process, wait for it to complete
  • Once complete, you can start to explore the Windows 8.1 benefits

If you opt to use the second method to install the preview version, you should know that you will not be able uninstall the Windows 8.1 edition. To revert it, you will have to use the recovery media (a DVD) to reinstall the Windows 8 edition.

Important note:  As Windows 8.1 Preview is just a test version, it may still have several technical bugs that may make your PC vulnerable. Therefore, ensure that you have backed up your Windows 8 version files adequately so that you have something to fall back upon in the event of data loss or file corruption. In addition, be prepared to explore many more features in the final release as not all may have been set in this preview version.


Image Source: Gizmodo


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