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BlueStacks Brings Android™ Apps to Windows® 8

By Bidisha ,Friday, January 13th, 2012

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Recently, BlueStacks came in news after it enabled Windows 7 to operate Android enabled apps. BlueStacks is known for producing app players that enable Windows-based PCs and tablets to run on Android applications, which is fast and full screened.

At the 2012 International CES , Las Vegas BlueStacks has brought good news for Windows 8
users. This time also, it refused to be left behind by announcing to bring Android App Player for Windows 8 operated PCs and tablets. The company announced release of app player that will bring Android apps to Windows 8 platform users. This news was exhibited at the demo at CES, which means that Windows users will be able to run more than 400,000 Android apps on their systems, all thanks to the App Player software developed by BlueStacks. This also will bring an end to the urgency of development of Windows 8 apps. And for sure it’s the users who are going to be benefited in a great way.

As claimed, this won’t be the transfer of one software to other; instead the company will be making extra effort to maintain the charisma of Metro UI interface of Windows 8. The users will be unable to distinguish between the Android apps integrated to Windows-Based apps tiles. CEO Rosen Sharma, BlueStacks told at CES, “The Metro UI is beautiful, but the number one thing Windows 8 is missing is apps,…“This changes all that.”

The BlueStack app player will work both on desktops and tablets; emulation of Android apps on Windows platform will be making this possible for Windows 8 users. This step is for sure going to give a nice head start to Microsoft.

The only doubt that remains is that, will the company which is still struggling to gain a stable place in the market will be able to deliver the promise? Let’s hope whatever happens will bring cheer to all Windows 8 users, as this move is sure going to open doors for both the developers and the users of Windows 8 platform.

The company is also planning to collaborate with major PC-manufacturers to pre-load its Android app player on their PCs, Ultrabooks and tablets. BlueStacks is also thinking about exciting plans for Mac users.


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