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Next generation of Ultrabooks to feature Windows 8 and Intel® Ivy Bridge

By Bidisha ,Friday, January 13th, 2012

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In his final keynote for Microsoft at 2012 International CES, Steve Ballmer hinted that the next generation of Ultrabooks based on much-faster Windows 8 operating system would be a great offer to the consumers. In a popular response, several attendees at the event are planning to wait until the time Windows 8 is officially released.

At present, the ongoing CES 2012 event at Las Vegas showcases the first generation of Ultrabooks, which is being displayed by various PC manufacturers. Ultrabooks are thin and lightweight and have a low-voltage processor for higher energy-efficiency. These laptops are equipped with latest features usually priced around US$1000. The concept was developed by Intel that saw the need to bring about more mobility and better performance for laptop products. The Ultrabooks weigh less than 1.4 kg and are as thick (or rather sleek) as 0.8 inches. The battery life is much higher than regular notebooks, owing to the specially designed Intel Sandy Bridge mobile processors.

The next generation of Ultrabooks would feature more advanced and less power-consuming Intel Ivy Bridge processors. With the Windows 8 made-for-all-devices OS, the next version of Ultrabooks might become a revolutionary product soon after the release. Moreover, the reports say that prices of these sleek and ultra-portable computers could be further brought down to a more affordable level, with Intel trying to lower the costs to US$ 699. There are already more than 75 Ultrabook designs that are under development.

Microsoft is all set to release the innovatively built Windows 8 operating system sometime by the middle of this year and consumers have now more reasons to keep tabs on its release date very closely.


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