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The much anticipated Windows 8 operating system is expected to be an advanced and upgraded operating system from Microsoft. Till date According to media reports, Windows 8 has been redesigned with the new interface and a new ‘Start’ button. You can easily explore Windows 8 using the demo which highlights Windows 8’s capabilities of running on a wide range of hardware devices from traditional PCs to laptops and tablets. It is assumed that the system requirement for Windows 8 is similar to Windows 7. So, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility. As far as the capabilities of Windows 8 are concerned, just like Windows 7, Windows 8 too might come with an ability to snap and resize an app to a side of the screen. With a new developer platform, Windows 8 is anticipated to be based on HTML5 and JavaScript. The latest update says that Windows 8 is similar to Microsoft Windows Phone 7.

Just one more year and you might be able to install Windows 8 on your desktop or laptop and experience its features. Till then you can browse through the latest news and blogs on Windows 8. Windows 8 drivers includes Windows 8 audio drivers, video drivers, graphics drivers and many more. iYogi Certified Technicians can help you in installing and maintaining Windows 8 compatible drivers. You can see the recent drivers’ posts on the iYogi website. And further, you can learn more about Windows 8 with iYogi like graphics, themes, gadgets, games, application programs and much more. In addition to this, iYogi can also help you update the Windows 8 drivers.

How to update Windows 8 driver manually

Are you finding your system’s behavior weird after you switched to Windows 8? You might be blaming the feet of a mischievous glitch without even giving a thought to the devices that may not be going hand-in-hand with the most up-to-date Windows 8 drivers. Such hardware woes in your system can b... Read More

Simple yet Effective Steps to Disable Windows 8 Driver Signature

Installation of old hardware in Microsoft Windows 8 can be a hard-hitting process. Windows 8 is in-built with Driver Signature feature which is a mark in the form of a digital signature indicating the authentic publisher of the software. So, if the driver you are installing is not signed, you will... Read More

How to Upgrade Device Drivers for Windows 8?

It is understandable why you must be highly enthusiastic about installing/upgrading Windows 8 operating system given the fresh new look and feel of Windows, but your computer’s hardware may not be. Existing hardware devices of your computer may show some issues and tend to freeze when you upgrade ... Read More
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