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Booting Windows 8 in Safe Mode using MSCONFIG

By Harmeet ,Monday, September 24th, 2012

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Boot Windows 8 in Safe ModeWhen something goes wrong with your computer, it is the Safe Mode that comes to your restore. Also known as the diagnostic mode, Safe Mode allows the operating system to load only specific programs and software that are required by the operating system to work. Due to this, you are not able to see the changes and setting that you might have made previously. Also, it allows you to troubleshoot and run diagnostics on your computer to remove spyware, adware, and viruses that cannot be removed in the Normal Mode. So, if you are unable to resolve issues with your Windows 8 computer, run MSCONFIG Windows 8 utility to boot your computer in Safe Mode. Don’t know how to do that? Allow us to help you boot your Windows 8 computer in Safe Mode using MSCONFIG.

Follow our step-by-step solution given below to boot your computer in MSCONFIG Windows 8 Safe Mode:


    • Right click on the blank space on the screen where there are no apps. You will find a menu bar at the bottom of the screen.
      Windows 8 in Safe Mode
    • From the menu bar, select ‘All Apps’.
      Windows 8 all apps
    • Once you have selected that option, a new screen would appear from which you need to select the ‘Windows System’ option.


    • Click ‘Run.’


    • In the box, type ‘MSCONFIG’ and press ‘Ok’ for Windows 8 to open MSCONFIG.
      Windows 8 safe mode
    • A new window will open on the screen. This is known as ‘User Account Control’.


    • Type the password of your account (if you have one) and then click on the option ‘Boot’.


    • Once you have selected the option, you would see a check box with the option ‘Safe Boot’.


    • Check that option and then click ‘OK’.

Once you have performed these steps, you would be required to ‘Restart’ your computer. This will automatically boot your computer in Safe Mode. Your Windows 8 computer will continue to start in Safe Mode automatically till the time you unselect the ‘Safe Boot’ option, as explained above. So remember to change the setting of your Windows 8 computer back to the Normal Mode once you are sure you have made all the necessary changes and that everything is okay with your computer. Easy, isn’t it?
However, if you face any problem while running MSCONFIG on your Windows 8 computer, give us a call. Our expert technicians can help you easily boot your Windows 8 computer in Safe Mode using MSCONFIG utility.

Here is a video which will show you easy steps to boot your Windows 8 PC in Safe Mode using MSCONFIG:




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