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Movie maker for Windows 8

By Nidhi ,Friday, March 22nd, 2013

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windows 8 movie makerMany people have been unhappy that there’s no movie maker included in Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft has done many improvements to the operating system but leaving the Start button out on Windows 8 and also leaving out couple of other important tools, like the movie maker, for instance, has left people looking out for alternatives. Talking about alternatives, we have something for you if you are looking for a movie maker for Windows 8. Yes, you need to make do with a bunch of tools here if you need to make movies on your Windows 8 machine and not just a single tool that will help you do everything.

Video editing software

There are some video editing tools that are available for free which you can download and install on your Windows 8. If you mean serious business, you can also go for better video editing tools, which might cost you a little. In case you cannot afford that much, you can go for mid-level editing tools and software, which might cost you anything around $100. In case you can afford more, you should go for the professional software that costs you anything around $400-$500. There are many tools and software available to you if you want to purchase them but if you are looking for free software, you have to be happy with what you get.


You have many options if you are looking to buy video editing software. You can go for the one that comes from Sony’s stable. It is called Sony Vegas and it does a decent job. This software is really good and the simple interface makes everyone, especially the newbies love this software. Apart from that you can also buy Adobe’s Premier elements or Muvee. We all know that Adobe means business and look at Photoshop, the photo-editing software that’s widely used and recommended. Muvee is also decent video editing software that you might be impressed with.

Software helps you

It is the job of good software to make your life easy. The software that Microsoft was offering was free, without a doubt but the paid software comes with an advantage, they make you learn more about editing and they offer you more options. This means, the finished product is better than the one that you might come up with, using the paid software.


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