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Three reasons why you should buy Windows® 8

By Trishna ,Thursday, March 29th, 2012

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Microsoft is launching the retail version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview this year, have you made your decision? Here is some advice that should help you in deciding about buying the new operating system from Microsoft.

New interface

Sure, interface might not be a sole reason for an upgrade. However, this interface is going to change things in future. It is going to make things a little easy for the users. The tiles in this interface are live tiles and contain valuable information. If you pin up a contact as a tile, you would get latest information from the social media accounts of the contact. You need not open the app to check the information. All the latest and important updates from different tiles flashing you your home screen is a great idea. Metro interface is indeed the future.

Touch centric personal computers

Another thing that Windows 8 is trying to change is the kind of personal computer that we are going to use in future. With the world swinging towards touch-based devices, it makes sense if the personal computers are touch centric too. This new operating system performs well in multiple platforms like phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. That is one huge advantage for Windows 8. With touch screens on desktops, personal computer will in a completely different level.  Upgrade the hardware for your personal computer and have fun with the new interface on Windows 8. Need I say anymore?

Apps in personal computers

Another thing that Windows 8 will change in future is bringing the apps that we loved using on various mobile platforms to personal computers. Apps would play a major role in the success story of Windows 8. We have already witnessed that on iPhone and Android mobiles. People are spending a considerable amount on apps; they are also downloading free apps that are available. In any case, apps make our lives easy; when they are available to us in our personal computers why should we not take advantage of it, is the question. Since developers are showing interest in Windows 8, we would see more apps for Windows 8 in future.

These are the three major reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 8 when it launches in October this year.

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One Response to “Three reasons why you should buy Windows® 8”
dosmastr Says:
January 20th, 2014

and for those of us without touch screens?

new interface is a reason FOR upgrading? been living under a rock? people HATE the new interface.

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