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Windows® 8 refresh feature makes it easy for you!

By Nidhi ,Monday, March 12th, 2012

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Refresh feature is something that most of the Windows users would love. This is not the regular ‘refresh’ that happens when you click ‘F5’. The reinstallation option in Windows 8 is called Refresh. Let’s see how this is useful to the users.

Refresh is an option which reinstalls Windows 8 on your PC with all your data and settings intact. Isn’t that sweet! How many times have you reinstalled the operating system (earlier versions like Windows XP and Windows 7) because of a persistent trouble? How many times have you started afresh because of that? With the Refresh option, you don’t have to start from the beginning again; the race gets a little easier now.

Microsoft is here to please users with Windows 8 and looks like it is doing a great job. This Refresh feature takes your personal data, applications, and other settings and puts them back in their place after reinstalling the operating system.

If you’re not sure where the problems lie and want to uninstall programs that you think might be the problem, you must uninstall them before the Refresh happens. You can also customize the Refresh on Windows 8. However, this option is best suited for the power users and not for one and all.

Before refreshing your operating system, you need to make sure about the applications and the settings that you exactly want. Once you set up your PC the way you want it, you need to capture the image of the operating system using the recimg.exe tool. This process is described on Microsoft’s blog for any assistance.

Here’s how you can Refresh your Windows 8:

  • Click on ‘Control Panel’ and select the option ‘Recovery’
  • This will open a dialog box where you need to select the option ‘Refresh or Reset your PC’
  • Select the “Refresh’ option for the operating system to be re-installed.

Fifteen minutes is what it might take to refresh the operating system and it is easy for all kinds of users. You never have to worry about the data that’s lost because of reinstalling your operating system anymore!


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