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Windows 8 Gadgets and widgets

By Nidhi ,Thursday, June 6th, 2013

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Windows 8 Gadgets and widgetsYour love for the latest Windows operating system, Windows 8, has brought you here. We know it. Of course we love this OS too, and why not? Set with some of the best features that have kept us hooked on to it for so long (will remain glued for longer, we are sure) Windows 8 still has plenty of options to be discovered by the beginners. If you too have just started off your journey of exploring Windows 8, or if you have done it already, this article has some really interesting information on the Windows 8 gadgets.

Windows 8 Gadgets and Widgets give you one-glance access to information of your preference such as daily weather, clock, and so on. Furthermore, these widgets also let you have the frequently used tools right on the surface so that you don’t have to hunt for them, every time you need one.

Out of the entire collection of Windows 8 gadgets and widgets, some of the most popular ones have been included below in the list:

  • WeatherBug: With 8000 tracking stations, the WeatherBug keeps you updated on the daily weather conditions around the world. Accurate, timely, and definitely very handy, this gadget certainly tops the list.
  • Language Translator: Does your work require you to visit websites that aren’t in your native language? Worry not. Set the Language Translator widget on your desktop and get the content you are struggling to read translated in just a jiffy. This widget lets you translate in 43 different languages… indeed that’s aplenty.
  • All CPU Meter V3.3: Do you worry about losing valuable system resources by installing apps that you may not frequently use? Install this Widows 8 gadget and view RAM usage and processor usage real-time, right on your desktop.
  • Date and Time: With easily customizable options, have the date and time displayed on your desktop, always. This widget also gives you a one-click access to calendar and event system besides the date and time.
  • Facebook Explorer: Install it on your sidebar and remain up to date with all Facebook updates. With this Windows 8 widget working for you, you will never have to miss an event nor a message.
  • SidePlayer: This is a music finding gadget that finds for you a particular music track and lets you play it straight from your Windows 8 Desktop.
  • Vista Shutdown Control: Are you in a hurry? Use this gadget to Lock, Restart, or Shut Down your computer, with just one click!
  • Vista and 7 Calculator: Install this gadget to have a scientific calculator to help you out with your accounting tasks.

Indeed the Windows 8 gadgets and widgets are very useful and keep you abreast with the latest of your choice. If you are interested in having any of the above (there are many more) installed on your PC, you can follow the simple steps given below:

  • Access Control Panel and go to ‘Desktop Gadgets’
  • From the list of gadgets that will open for you, select the one you want to install doing a double-click
  • This will let you add the particular gadget you have chosen

Note: You will not be able to view the gadgets gallery in the Windows website as it is no longer hosts it. You will have to use third-party programs to set a gadget on your PC. Download from a trusted source to keep your PC and network online safe.


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is the Gizmo Gal for iYogi. A writer by choice and Gizmo Geek by nature, she brings the hottest and latest happening in the Gadgets’ world. So, when you need a peek inside the tech world, you know where the action is.

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