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Looking forward with a new developer platform, which is based on HTML5 and JavaScript, Windows 8 is reported to be near ready for release. A fresh design of user interface is expected to be seen in Windows 8. While no date has been decided for its launch, you can still get to know about its expected graphics, games, and applications through iYogi. It is also supposed to include live application tiles which will set Windows 8 apart than previously released Windows operating systems. The foremost thing that you may be curious to know is the compatibility issue. Don’t plan to buy a new PC or a laptop as it is anticipated that the Windows 8 operating system requirements will be almost similar to Windows 7 or other operating systems. So, just wait and get latest updates on the applications and various gadgets of Windows 8 through iYogi.

Which Would You Prefer Windows 8.1 Professional or OS X Mavericks?

Are you considering making the dream purchase that you’ve been so eagerly waiting for? Well, here’s something that can help you decide. We have compiled for you a comparison between the two most-awaited for operating system versions – Windows 8.1 Professional and OS X Mavericks. Features ... Read More

After Surface Pro, Microsoft launches Surface Pro 2

The first version of Microsoft Surface was quite disappointing. It didn’t appeal much crowd. Despite that Microsoft decided to move on and address the shortcomings. And lately at an event in New York City, the software giant launched a refreshed version of Surface tablet computer- Surface Pro 2. ... Read More

Finally Here It Is! Metro-style Google Chrome browser for Windows 8

Google has finally come up with something for Windows 8 Metro users that was anticipated for a long time. Especially when Windows 8 allows users to substitute Internet Explorer 10 browser with any preferred browsers users in the Metro interface. Changing Metro browser on Windows 8 is as easy as ... Read More

Enable family safety feature in Windows 8

Practicing safety is important for anyone who goes online, but with kids it is a must. And with the advancement in technology, majority of the kids have started using computers and the Internet to do their project research, converse with friends, play games, and browse wealth of information on the w... Read More

Microsoft removes the ban on Flash on Windows 8

Flash was not a valid option for anything that runs on Windows 8. But not anymore! Microsoft has decided to lift the ban on Flash on Windows 8. Microsoft has earlier announced that Windows 8 would not offer any support to Flash and now they have changed their mind. Microsoft’s logic behind reve... Read More

An 18-inch tablet from Dell to be released soon

Dell has recently announced about releasing a new tablet in the market. This tablet has an 18-inch screen. It might be a little too big for tablets but for people who think in terms of ‘the bigger the better’, this is great news. This tablet, however, can also be turned into a desktop wheneve... Read More

Windows 8 Pro upgrade to cost $70 for students

Microsoft is planning to sell Windows 8 Pro upgrade for just $70! Microsoft has announced this on their blog recently. This upgrade offer is available to students via Microsoft Store. This offer will be available to students in other countries, but for now, only student in US can avail this. It... Read More

Motorola planning to develop a Windows 8 device

Motorola is planning to develop a handheld Windows 8 device soon. This device will not be a tablet or a mobile phone but this is a device for industrial use. It can be used in factories by the employees and other can also be used for other industrial places. Motorola Solutions Inc. (MSI) is plann... Read More

Windows 8 being used in Australian parliament

A few days ago, we spoke about the licensing agreement that Microsoft entered into with the United States Department of Defense and how Pentagon employees can use Windows 8 on their devices. Now, we give you this - Windows 8 is being used in the Australian parliament. That’s second government t... Read More

Microsoft’s Surface Windows 8 Pro to be available from Feb 9

Microsoft announced that Surface Windows 8 Pro will be available in the market from Feb 9. They have recently started manufacturing devices and Surface is one of their best products. Hardware market already has big leaders who’ve been in the competition for a while now. But it won’t start shi... Read More
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