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CES 2012: Eyes On Tobii Windows® 8 Eye-Tracking Interface

By Bidisha ,Friday, January 13th, 2012




The 2012 International CES, which is going on at the Las Vegas Convention Center, will come to an end on 13 January. During this event, hundreds of companies showcased their latest inventions in technology and amongst them, Tobii has grabbed the attention of every one. The company announced that it will be introducing its eye-tracking technology to Microsoft Windows 8, the upcoming operating system.

What is eye-tracking technology?

Using this new technology, you can control your computer with the movement of your eyes. This technology will track your eye movement and perform all the actions accordingly.

With the gaze technology, Tobii will radically change the way people connect with their computer. After a few years, people will start interacting with their system using the eye-tracking technology and forget the usual practice of touching. Tobii eye-tracking technology was also included in the list of “Popular Mechanic’s Best of CES 2012.”

Tobii eye-tracking technology was tested at the CES event and according to reports, it was a success. The new technology, which was tested on Windows 8 metro-style interface, was said to be responsive. However, there were also some drawbacks; it was not that accurate while dealing with smaller elements. It was also reported that the gaze technology was highly responsive when it was used for reading text paragraphs.

Tobii gaze technology should be taken into serious consideration because it can be a great help to the physically challenged. Such people can use their eyes to interact with their computer. With the gaze technology, you will no longer need the mouse for selecting and clicking. You can instantly open or close a file by just looking at it. The Gaze technology is not just limited to scrolling, opening, zooming etc. Important notifications can also pop up when you just look at the icons.


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wanted to buy a new cell phone and her thorough research for gadgets revealed her passion for technology. Gradually, she found her drawn to everything related to technology and her work which involves extensive research and writing on new gadgets, apps, and smarter use of technology. Careful, her mission is to manipulate technology-naïve women to juice up their ordinary lives with use of technology.

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