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Intel® Demonstrates New Ultrabooks at 2012 International CES®

By Bidisha ,Friday, January 13th, 2012

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The 2012 International CES showcased many new Ultrabook products provided by different companies, but nothing was as interesting compared to those demonstrated by Intel. The press conference held by Intel revealed its plans to upgrade the Sandy Bridge processors used in present Ultrabooks to more advanced Ivy Bridge ones. The comapny demonstrated its array of advanced Ultrabook prototypes with new features.

Intel aims to make Ultrabooks more light and powerful by designing every component of the laptop slimmer than the usual. Such Ultrabooks will reduce the physical stress that most of the users have to endure while carrying them.

Apart from improving the physical hardware, Intel has worked to come up with an innovative way to integrate the touchscreen feature as a secondary input. It is reported that more than 75 Ultrabook designs are in development stage. One of the designs displayed at the CES 2012 has twofold interface, that is, one side has a regular screen while the other side has a touch UI. Another design showcased a sliding keyboard. Intel also demonstrated a transparent touch interface placed below the keyboard, which shows Windows 8 notifications. The palm detection feature incorporated in this design lets you check the notifications and other items such as calendar without dislocating the cursor. Intel also displayed gyroscopic function for sensing orientation as well as the Kinect-like motion-tracking feature using the built-in front camera.

Another new feature that caught everyone’s attention was the built-in near-field communication (NFC) sensors that can secure transactions and exchange of information. During the demonstration, a credit card was placed with an NFC chip on the trackpad of an NFC-equipped Ultrabook to scan financial transactions. This new technology can secure online transactions and end all the anxieties related to credit frauds.

Intel has invested US$ 330 million in the production of Ultrabooks for its hardware partners. The new Ultrabooks would be priced at a more affordable price, so that they can compete with Apple MacBook Air and Sony Vaio Z-series laptops.

For more information, visit the Intel Website.


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