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Google Drive for Windows 8 to be released

By Trishna ,Thursday, April 26th, 2012

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Google Drive For Windows 8Google has recently released Google Drive, which is a direct competitor of Microsoft’s SkyDrive. Apparently, a Google Drive app for Windows 8 is going to be released soon. This app will be released at the same time as the Release Preview of Windows 8 this June.

Google Drive is going to release soon, as of now, it is only made available to users in phases. As usual, this is just a rumor (which could turn out to be true) and we have no confirmed news from Google on this.

The makers of Android want to be friends with Microsoft on this one and include their app in the new operating system Windows 8. As of now, this app is available to users as a web service and as app on Android and iOS.

Microsoft has confirmed the release of Release Preview in June, which means we would have to wait until June to check if this rumor is true. To know more about this, read the complete story here.

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