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Play DVD on Windows 8 PC with VLC Media Player

By Nidhi ,Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

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Windows 8 DVD playback VLC Media PlayerThe recent announcement by software giant Microsoft Corporation that its upcoming operating system Windows 8 would not support DVD playback has upset a lot of people. Microsoft disclosed in its statement that the new operating system would not have any kind of DVD playback, unless you specifically purchase Media Center or use third-party DVD software.

To upgrade to Windows Media Center where DVD playback support is available, Windows 8 users will have to pay an extra amount. And, how much would be that extra fee is not yet revealed by Microsoft yet.

How Windows 8 users can play DVD without upgrading to Windows Media Center?

It might sound quite annoying to some Windows 8 users. Therefore, VideoLAN, a group of volunteers, has come up with its open source media player that can enable a Windows 8 PC user to play DVD on his system without getting into the hassle of upgrading to Windows Media Center. VLC Media Player is one of the most popular free to download and install third-party DVD software products.

In its response to a query by Neowin.net that is VideoLAN planning to release a version of VLC for Windows 8 and are they also planning to offer one that will work with Windows 8 Metro interface, VideoLAN’s Jean-Baptiste Kemp responded:

“VideoLAN cannot plan anything about VLC project, since developers are volunteers. However, we have given Win8 a quite serious look. So far, VLC runs on the Win8 desktop without any issue. However, for the Metro interface, it requires the usage of the WinRT sandbox. The WinRT seems too limited for VLC, so far. With a lot of work and resources, it should be doable, but we do not have those resources yet. Any help is welcome! Note that the browsers are allowed on x86 to get an mixed application mode (used by Mozilla and Chrome) that is not available for other applications, so we cannot use it.”

It is obvious that Microsoft would not allow an application like VLC to run on both desktop and Metro modes of Windows 8, which means that if VideoLAN does release a version of VLC for Metro it would have to be a separate app than the version it would release for Windows 8 desktop mode.


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One Response to “Play DVD on Windows 8 PC with VLC Media Player”
Rob Says:
April 16th, 2014

I can use DVD on my Toshiba laptop and it works great with VLC Media player, which I got preinstalled from the store…

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