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Installing Ubuntu on your Windows 8 Computer

By Nidhi ,Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

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Ubuntu is an open source operating system that need not be bought, unlike Windows 8, which is commercially available in the market. Windows 8 computers, unless if you have only purchased the operating system, come with the operating system pre-installed. There’s a secure boot feature on Windows 8, which checks if the operating system is certified or not – this was done to stop the piracy of the operating system. So installing Ubuntu on your Windows 8 computer is harder than you imagine. But as always, there is another way to install Ubuntu on your Windows 8 computer. Here’s how:

Regular installation

Ubuntu operating system, release 12.04.2 supports Secure Boot feature that’s found in the hardware of the computers these days so try installing Ubuntu on your Windows 8 machine as you would, regularly. This support usually should work for most of the systems but in case the operating system doesn’t install on your computer, then you might have to try other ways. Since Secure Boot is a new technology, the failures of operating system’s installation cannot be explained completely. In case you have an earlier release /version of the operating system that doesn’t support Secure Boot, there’s an alternative for you.

Disabling Secure Boot

Yes, you can disable the Secure Boot feature on your Windows 8 computer if you are unable to install Ubuntu on it. You can find this setting in the BIOS mode. When you turn on the machine, you’d see the message on the screen which will tell you to press the Delete key to go to BIOS mode. Once you’re on BIOS mode, you find the setting on Security screen. On that screen you’d find the option to enable and disable the Secure Boot on your computer. You can turn off the Secure Boot on your computer to install Ubuntu without any trouble. You can either enable Secure Boot on your computer if you wish to, once you install Ubuntu on your computer or you can keep it disabled.


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