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Nokia® Windows 8 tablet debuts coming June

By Bidisha ,Friday, November 18th, 2011

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In an interview with a French newspaper, Paul Amsellem, CEO of Nokia France, has disclosed that the Finnish company would launch a Windows 8 tablet in June 2012. In addition, the recently launched Lumia 800 and 710 might also get an upgrade to the upcoming operating system from Microsoft. Amsellem also gave hints that Nokia is planning to add both, cheaper and pricier models to its new Lumia series. At present, the Nokia office at France is busy making its move to capture a large chunk of potential user-base from the 60 percent of national population that still does not use smartphones.

Nokia has lost a considerable part of its marketshare in the recent years. The decision to re-strategize its marketing policies was impending on the once market leader for some time now. The launch of the tablet would certainly bring a lot of fortune for Nokia. The same can be well inferred from the popular attention the developer preview version of Windows 8 received, as the Nokia tablet coming with this platform might draw equal fascination. However, Microsoft has not fixed a release date for Windows 8 yet. Therefore, it can be seen as a conducive remark from the Nokia (France) CEO, showing the determination the mobile manufacturer wields.

Nokia Windows 8 tabletMoreover, as Nokia plans to extend its line of Windows Phone based products, it is expected that a variety of new form factors would be introduced. The Nokia 7 Series of handsets are reported to get a larger display, which would likely attract the US markets to a great extent. On the same note, Nokia and Windows fans would eagerly wish for the waiting period to get over quickly.


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