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Windows 8, the novel operating system by Microsoft is expected to include a number of innovative and advanced features to amaze all the Windows operating system users. The most amazing aspect of Windows 8 is supposed to be its new user interface for 32-bit and 64-bit. With the latest development platform, Windows 8 operating system is reported to be primarily based on JavaScript and HTML5. Also, you can run this next generation operating system on wide range of hardware devices from laptops to PCs and tablets. When it comes to the system requirements for Windows 8 installation, it is said that they are almost similar to Windows 7. What’s more? Windows 8 is anticipated to offer the ability to resize and snap an app to the side of the screen.

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How to avoid Windows Aero delay while minimizing/maximizing process?

Are you disappointed with the unnecessary animation caused by the Windows Aero in the Operating System? Is it quite frequently hampering the speed of your computer? Stay relaxed because now you can save your time spent on minimizing and maximizing any tab. In Windows 8, the combination of ‘Alt ... Read More

Stop Your Mouse from Waking Up your Windows 8 PC from Sleep Mode

Have you set the mouse to wake the computer from Sleep Mode? If you have set the mouse to wake your computer from the Sleep Mode, then chances are that even the slightest move on the mouse would wake your computer back up when you don’t want this. Therefore, it is better to disable the mouse from ... Read More

Steps to Run Disk Check using the Command Prompt

It is important to run a disk check to check the hard disk and improve your PC performance, from time to time. The check disk process scans and assesses various segments of the hard disk drive to look for corrupt parts and also foxes errors occurred to different segments including FAT16, FAT32, and ... Read More

Filter Keys can be turned on and off in easily

So you’ve accidently activated the filter keys on your Windows 8 PC or perhaps you would like to switched them on but can’t figure out how? Don’t worry, sit back and enjoy your pint of peace because we are here to help. A Filter Key is a keyboard feature that instructs the keyboard to avoid... Read More

Easy steps to change the Screen Resolution in Windows 8

Screen resolution is one of Windows’ many change-it-once and forget-about-it options. It determines how much information Windows 8 can cram onto your computer screen. When it comes to change the screen resolution, one thing of which we need to be aware is that this process either shrinks everythin... Read More

How to delete a user account in Windows 8?

Microsoft’s new Operating System Windows 8 provides its users a Metro Application or Metro UI along with many advanced and new features. So, it becomes easy to operate when it comes to rename or delete the user account. What you have to do when you want to delete the User Account? If you want t... Read More

HomeGroup Network Makes Printers Sharing Easy

Are you looking for the steps to make the sharing of printer and other devices in your Windows 8 PC? Well, look no further, you can easily make the sharing of printers and other devices in your PC and view the content on another computer as you see them on your own. The Windows 8 operating system is... Read More

Set Up HomeGroup Network in Windows 8 Quickly

Have you ever tried to set up HomeGroup Network in Windows 8 computer? Or do you know how to set up HomeGroup Network in your Windows 8 PC? Well, anyone who has ever tried to do it knows how easy that is. The process of setting up HomeGroup Network involves only few steps, however, you need to be ca... Read More

Best way to check Windows Version and System Properties Information

So you need to check the Windows Version and System Properties Information time to time, but, not sure how to check them in your Windows 8 PC. Well, viewing Windows Version and System Properties Information in a Windows 8 based PC is easy, all you have to do is find our instructions below and follow... Read More

Quick way to install updates in Windows 8

Do you know the best way to keep your computer safe, secured and updated? Well, you are right, Windows update is certainly the best way to keep your Windows 8 PC updated with latest settings and service packs. The regular update can help you maintain the changes that you might have made in your comp... Read More
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