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How to Access POP Email on Windows 8

By Nidhi ,Thursday, January 10th, 2013

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Access POP email on Windows 8There are two types of email protocols that an email service provider usually provides. One is called POP (Post Office Protocol) and the other’s called IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol). What does POP email do? It downloads the emails on the local machine and it would delete those emails from the server. However, you can also customize this option and stop it from deleting the server if you want to.

IMAP is the latest protocol which just synchronizes your local machine with the server every time you log in and it doesn’t delete the email. In case your service provider doesn’t give you access to IMAP email, you can only use POP email on your local machine. Do you know how to view and access POP mail on your machine? The bundled email app on Windows 8 doesn’t support POP email and you need to know an alternative to access your emails. Don’t worry, it’s a simple process and allow us to help you with that.

You have few alternatives here. You don’t have to use the default email client to access your email. You can install another one and access your emails through that. Microsoft has developed another client called ‘Windows Mail’ which is part of the Windows Essentials – Windows Essentials is a collection of free tools created by Microsoft. Windows Essentials requires ‘.NET Framework 3.5′ on your Windows 8 machine. Windows 8 has version 4.5 on it, so you need to fix that in these few simple steps:

Step I – Click on Control Panel and select that option
Step II – When you are on Control Panel screen, search for the option ‘Features’ and select the option ‘Turn Windows features on or off’.
Step III – Once you select that option, a window would open on the screen. On that window, a list would be displayed to you from where you need to search for the option ‘.NET Framework 3.5’
Step IV – Select that option and once you select it and press on ‘Ok’ button, ‘.NET Framework 3.5’ would be enabled on your computer.

Once you do that, you can install any email client on your computer that you want. Or you can also go ahead and install ‘Windows Mail‘ application on your computer to access POP email on your Windows 8. Go ahead and change these settings on your Windows 8 machine to start accessing POP email on it today!


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