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Windows 8 Narrator: Turn Off or On

By Nidhi ,Monday, June 10th, 2013

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Windows 8 Narrator On / Off

Windows operating systems are set with a wide ranging collection of features to suit the different needs of the different users. While a regular user finds it convenient to use a Windows OS, it may not be the same with a user who is visually impaired. To cater to the needs of such users, all Microsoft Windows OS versions, subsequent to Windows 2000, have been set with a feature that makes reading text on the screen easy and fast. This feature is called the Microsoft Windows Narrator.

How does Microsoft Windows Narrator function?

The basic function of this screen reading utility is to read dialog boxes, text, and Windows controls such as error messages. Windows 8 equips a user with the Windows Narrator feature as a startup utility and lets you modify its settings as per your requirements. You can add it to the list of your programs that open on startup, you can also enable the feature to let you interact with a mouse or a touch, and you can also alter the settings to increase/ decrease the voice, change its pitch and speed as well.

It just takes a step to turn on Windows 8 Narrator. Press the Windows key + Enter key to start off this utility. Alternatively, on your Windows 8 Home screen, swipe in from the right and tap Search. In the Search box, enter “Narrator” and tap again. This will turn on the Narrator utility.

Although this is a very useful feature, not all users may particularly require its services, all the time. If you too are looking for short cuts to disable Windows 8 Narrator, you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Access C:\Windows\System32
  • On the Narrator.exe Properties window that will open, click on the Security tab
  • Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on Advanced
  • In the new open window (Advanced Security Settings for Narrator.exe), change the Owner to yourself and click on OK
  • Go back to the Narrator.exe Properties window and click on Edit
  • Add yourself and uncheck the Read & Execute and Read options
  • Click on Yes when the warning gets displayed
  • Come back to the Advanced Security Settings for Narrator.exe and change the Owner to System
  • Click on OK for the changes to apply

Windows 8 Narrator turn off isn’t a difficult task to complete. However, if you are unable to locate the required functions or are facing difficulties turning off the feature on your own, you have iYogi tech experts available to help you do it. Just call on our toll free number and let our technicians troubleshoot this and other Windows 8 issues for you, in the least possible time.

Here is a video which will show you easy steps to turn Narrator on and off on your Windows 8 PC:


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