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With the ongoing recent developments in Microsoft, soon the users of Windows operating system might be able to explore Windows 8. It is expected that you might find a different user interface with an optimized touch for mouse and keyboard in Windows 8. For live web apps Microsoft is expected to include a new developer platform in Windows 8 that will be based on HTML5 and JavaScript. The new improvement that is supposed to be made in Windows 8 is its system requirements i.e. for using Windows 8 you don’t have to change your existing laptop or desktop. In addition to all these features, Microsoft is reported to use OEM Activation 3.0 instead of Windows 7 OEM Activation 2.1 in Windows 8. This will make it less prone to cracks.

How to change Windows 8 Icons and Text Size?

Do you find the text or the icons on your computer screen too large or too small? Do you want to customize it according to your choice? We provide you instant solutions to accomplish the task. In Windows 8, you can adjust the size of texts and icons to make them appear smaller or larger as per yo... Read More

How to Pin Control Panel to the Start Screen?

Do you always try different settings in the control panel? Do you want it to be available on the Start Screen every time? This article will take you through the easiest way to perform this action. The control panel enables you to do advanced settings of Windows. You can alter various settings of you... Read More

Simple Steps to Turn Spell Check ON and OFF

Did you know how to turn spell check on and off in Windows 8? This article discusses about the easiest way of doing it. The spell check feature of Windows 8 gives you the option of automatically correcting the spelling mistakes in your document. Once this feature is enabled, the system automatically... Read More

Windows 8: How to Enable Remote Desktop Connections?

Did you know how to allow remote desktop connections in Windows 8 based PC? This article discusses the easiest way of doing it.  Through remote desktop, you can easily share files from one desktop to the other. You can take the remote session of another computer and simply get connected to it. W... Read More

How to block an app using the Windows 8 Firewall

Do you know how to block an unwanted application using Windows 8 Firewall? Do you find it difficult to get rid of unwanted application running at backend? Now, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. We will take you through few easy steps to get rid of this problem. Like all other Windows ed... Read More

How to change Home Group settings in Windows 8?

Did you know that you can change the home group settings in Windows 8 based PC? You can easily do the modifications in the settings of Home Group of your system. A Home Group is used to share devices like printers, libraries, pictures, music, etc. So, it is necessary to keep the Home Group passwo... Read More

How to customize the mouse cursor in Windows 8?

Are you looking for an enhanced user experience from your mouse pointer in Windows 8? Well, changing mouse pointers according to your mood consequently enables you to use Windows as per your requirements. A mouse pointer is a user interface device, which is used to show the computer user the curr... Read More

How to Turn Narrator On and Off in your Windows 8 PC

Do you know that Microsoft Narrator enables you to listen to all the processes happening on your computer screen? Well, it reads all the processes and everything that is displayed on your screen and enables you to listen to them. Do you know it also reads the contents of the active Window, menu opti... Read More

How to set folders for specific file types to make Windows 8 load faster?

Are you aware of the fact that sometimes Windows take a long time to open your folders? Have you ever enquired why it does that? Well, this happens because either the files are too large or the Windows is taking too much time to open it. Windows usually check all the folders when you start searching... Read More

How to make the ‘Caps Lock’ key beep when pressed in Windows 8?

Is it annoying when the caps lock remains on by default and you keep on writing a long article? Here is the solution to your issue when you accidentally hit the caps lock button. It can be done simply by adding a beep sound to the Caps Lock. When pressed, this indication will be very much helpful fo... Read More
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