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How to Use ‘Optimize Drives’ Disk Defragmenter in Windows 8?

By Harmeet ,Monday, September 17th, 2012

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Does Windows 8 search place ‘Optimize Drives’ in the search results every time you search for disk defragmenter?  No, this is not an error or Windows 8 problem; rather Microsoft has found a new name for disk defragmenter tool. There are some more applications and tools that have earned new monikers on Windows 8 including ‘Windows Anytime Upgrade’ which is now ‘Add Features’. Luckily, apart from their names, these applications and tools have not changed much from their earlier Windows 7 version. Hence, when you launch Optimize Drives, it will load all features disk defragmenter in Windows 8.

How to open ‘Optimize Drives’ disk defragmenter in Windows 8?  

There are two ways you can open Optimize Drives in Windows 8: from Charms Bar and My Computer icon.

Charms Bar – Move the mouse cursor to the right upper side until the Charms Bar appears. Click on ‘Settings’ and type in ‘Optimize Drives’ in the search box. Whether you search for Optimize Drives or disk defragmenter, Windows 8 will load its recent disk optimization application called Optimize Drives.

Optimize Drives in Windows 8

My Computer – You can directly open Optimize Drives for the drive you want to optimize in Windows 8. For this,

Defragment Drive in Windows 8

  1. Go to ‘My Computer’
  2. Choose the drive you want to defrag and optimize
  3. Click ‘Manage’
  4. Click ‘Optimize’ option. The ‘Optimize Drives’ dialog box will open.

How to use Optimize Drives in Windows 8?

Once Windows 8 opens Optimize Drives dialog box. This dialog box opens up with a list of drives of your PC with the current (%) status of fragmentation stated.

Optimize Drives in Windows 8

Customize schedule of Optimize Drives in Windows 8

Optimize Drives is designed to automatically defrag and optimize disk drives within regular intervals in Windows 8 platform. Usually, drives are automated for optimization on weekly defrag schedule. However, in case you need to fragment your drives in between the scheduled dates, you can optimize drives manually by clicking on ‘Optimize’ button. The defragment process will begin once you press ‘Optimize’ button. Click ‘Analyze’ button to enable your Windows 8 PC update to the current status and value of the fragmented drive.

Customize list of drives for Optimize Drives in Windows 8

Can you customize the automatic process of Optimize Drives? Yes, you can. You can change both the automatic schedule and drives that you want to defrag and optimize.  Hence, to change settings, select ‘Change Settings’ button at the right corner.

Optimize Drives in Windows 8

Once you click ‘Change Settings’ option, follow dialog box opens. Here, you can change the default settings of ‘Weekly’ to either ‘Daily’ or ‘Monthly’ routine to customize the automatic schedule as per your need.

Change Disk Defragment Schedule

Similar to automatic schedule, you can customize drives you want to defrag and optimize. Here is one thing you need to take in consideration while customizing drives under ‘Optimize Drives’. Windows 8 supports additional type of drives that most of the Ultrabook devices has i.e., solid state drive (SSD). Optimize Drives in Windows 8 optimizes SSD drives using TRIM command. This command updates SSD of the unused block of data and removes the data internally. With this Optimize Drives, Windows 8 can optimize and enhance the lifecycle of the SSD, hence, it is better not to change the settings of SSD for Optimize Drives.

You can customize drives for optimizing them manually on Windows 8. For this, click on ‘Choose’ button to include new drives in the list of automatic schedule of disk optimization.

customize drives in Windows 8

Another method to customize the select of drives for Optimize Drives in Windows 8 is via Command Prompt. Open ‘Run’ box in Windows 8 from the Charms bar. Type in ‘cmd’ and press ‘Enter’; the Command Prompt will open. Then, type in commands as per your needs for optimization:

  • Type in ‘/D’ to initiate a basic disk defrag.
  • Type in ‘ /K’ to consolidate some slabs to the particular volume of drives
  • Type in ‘/O’ to initiate full optimization of all drives.
  • Type in ‘/L’ to ‘RETRIM’ specified drives.

Here is a video which will show you steps to use Disk Defragmenter in Windows 8

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